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jIM'S CAR Show finds & more

Once you meet Jim, you know two things: (1) He is passionate about mowers (2) He loves cars, particularly Classic American Muscle Cars.  Now Jim may be partial to the Chevy Camaro, but he can appreciate all cars.  On this page, Jim will share his favorites.


1950 Chevy

Owner: John

Where he saw it:  Rollin' Oldies Show

Why he likes it:  CLASSIC!


1969 Chevy Camaro

Owner: Jim

Where he saw it:  Jim's Driveway!

Why he likes it:  It's red, it's cool and it's classic American muscle!

IMG_2221 (1).JPG

Saw these beautys at car show in Northern Cambria - July 3, 2022


1931 Ford Model A

Owner: Jim

Where he saw it: His dads garage!

Why he likes it: It belonged to his Dad!


1962 Corvette

Owner: Unknown

Where he saw it: York Car show

Why he likes it: His Dad used to own
                         one, and adventually so
                         would he!

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